Emotional Healing

God has been so good. He’s blessed us in so many ways since we started GiveLife. I want to share the story of the emotional healing God brought me. Before we started GiveLife I had a few really big things happen that I needed healing from – my miscarriage, my grandma dying, and PTSD.
When GiveLife started, God provided a financial blessing for us to give. But I am even more grateful for His provision for the emotions I was dealing with. He healed me completely from the huge emotional issues I mentioned. Then He gave me a miracle – He brought my dad back into my life.
Time passed, I kept giving and I kept living my life for God. Things were actually going quite well. What I didn’t expect was, when my youngest child was four months old that I would go through post-partum depression (PPD). I had had it before so I recognized it when it came back but this time, it was much worse. I kept praying – but I felt like my prayers hit the carpet. They weren’t even going up to the ceiling. I kept coming to church – sometimes I wondered why. I kept loving God – but I absolutely did not understand why I had to deal with PPD.
It played with my mind. It made me think I was completely worthless and that God didn’t love me. It made me think that God didn’t need me or have any use for me. It made me fight against myself. Each day was a bigger fight for my mind – I got to a point where I ahad suicidal thoughts. I kept praying, I kept giving, I kept serving, I kept reading my Bible, I kept talking to God even though it felt like He wasn’t there and He wasn’t hearing me. I fought this spiritual/physical fight daily. I kept asking God why I was going through it. I never did get an answer.
But one day, about 3 months ago, I felt the PPD lift. It felt like God was saying, you’ve been faithful to me and I’m going to be faithful to you. He was there every step of the way. So my testimony is this – keep giving, keep praying, keep coming to church, keep your eyes on Him because He is with you every step of the way, whether you can feel Him – or not.

Broken Doors, Bald Tires and Exhaustion – God Cares

Sherri Lang

I have three testimonies that have happened to us since the start of GiveLife.

My first testimony was a little over a year ago, just after the kickoff for GiveLife. One evening I heard frantic knocking on the bathroom door downstairs … I investigated and found that our daughter, Ashlee was trapped inside the bathroom because the lock had failed. My husband, Jeff, tried everything to release the lock from the outside, including taking the trim work off to see if he could access the lock from the frame, but no –  the door had to be busted open.

Great. Now there were ugly holes punched through our bathroom door which is one of the first things you see when entering our house!  Just what I wanted. NOT!  However, as an early anniversary gift, Jeff’s parents stepped in and gave us a new door which we couldn’t afford.

My second testimony is from a few months ago.

For almost a year we had a slow leak on one of our van’s tires that progressively got worse to the point I was filling the tire with air, almost daily. In addition to the leaky tire, another tire was practically bald. I knew we needed new tires but I simply could not face how much money we would have to shell out for them, especially right after Christmas.  Then one day in January I slid into another car due to the extreme ice on the road – now who couldn’t see that coming? I knew then that it was time to get new tires.  I made the appointment and when I went to pay the bill someone had unexpectedly stepped in & paid it for me!  Four brand new tires! Amazing.

My third testimony just happened recently.

I had been praying for a long time for Jeff and I to be able to go on a vacation. I have been mentally & physically tired for so long I just wanted to get away from the busyness of life. I knew there was no way this could happen under ordinary circumstances as we have so much debt. Out of the blue a couple of months ago we got a call. The caller said that they were going to send Jeff & I on an all-expense paid cruise and that the kids would all be looked after!  So in one week and one day Jeff and I are headed off on a cruise to Alaska!


God has faithfully provided for me

Steven Lory

When GiveLife first started, I had a good job that paid well, good benefits and a savings account that was growing nicely. In no more than a few weeks to a month after GiveLife launched, I lost that job. God began talking to my heart asking,

“Do you trust Me?”
“Yes, God, I trust You.”

And God has been nothing but faithful to me. Not a single month has gone by where my bills have not been paid. Yes, things have been tight and sometimes I didn’t know how I was going to pay things.
Meanwhile, through all of this God has lead me to the one who is now my fiancé. God provided the means for me to be able to buy the engagement ring. He blessed me with a ring to propose that was well outside of my means. Right now we have been engaged for 5 days and are planning the wedding. As of right now half of the budget is covered through God’s provision.


God Supplied the Perfect Job

Andrew Clarke

As a few of you may know, I have changed the company that I work for. Over the past few months, there were a few complications at my previous job that had been leading up to a change in employment, which was slightly nerve-wracking, especially considering all the time that I need to take off for youth work.

I prayed and just asked God to lead me. A short time later I was approached by a company who wanted me to come on board with them. They gave me an offer that was actually more than I was currently making but it didn’t have all the time I needed, so I said unfortunately, I couldn’t take it. Ten minutes later I got a revised offer which included all the time off and freedom I needed!

I encourage you to continue to give to GiveLife and watch what God will do no matter what situation may come your way! I’m thankful today for God’s blessings!


Opportunities to Share My Faith

Jazmin Wilson

Last semester God did an awesome thing! I had applied for over 100 scholarships in high school and never received any, but in my second semester of university – I received 2 large scholarships to cover my tuition which I had not applied for or even knew existed!! And now God is working on my faith …

Since GiveLife kicked off, I have felt my faith rise, more than ever before. Opportunities to share my faith have been opening in my work-life. I’ve had one co-worker become one of my best friends and God is working in her life. And just last week, I had a girl who was the last person who I thought would be interested in God, asking if Jesus is really real, and has been asking questions and showing interest. I am so excited for what God is going to do and how this church is growing! God is good!


He Provides

Deanna Lemke

The income I earn by teaching piano lessons helps provide many extras that are not in our regular budget. I ended the last teaching year in June with 8 students which wasn’t really enough to sustain ongoing expenses. In September, I began with 19 and by December I had 23! God provides!


He Looks After Job Situations Too

Marcella Williams

So thankful to our God who is faithful, caring and generous. He goes above and beyond what I can ask, think or comprehend.

I applied for a good job (thank you prayer team, for praying with me every step of the way). God heard the specific prayers and He answered in a big way. I got the job working in the CEO’s office of a large health organization in December. I was their top pick of 80 applicants. The day after I signed my job acceptance letter, I got a call for a surgery date for January 2017 – I had been on a wait-list for 14 months. The executive director said, ‘no problem’. When I took my leave, I qualified for sick leave benefits at 60% of my regular earnings. God knew the surgery date was coming and he allowed me to be hired at this organization.

Then, last Sunday sitting in church, I got a text from our landlord, they gave us a sleigh bed! I set it up this morning. God knows what we need before we do, and he makes a way.This list just goes on!


Every Good Gift …

Colleen Biermann

In the fall of 2015, I did the design work for the GiveLife campaign as a gift to the church. I believe in giving a ‘tithe’ on your abilities to the Kingdom and didn’t expect anything in return, but God had different ideas. At the time I had a part-time design job that I was increasingly unhappy with and had also been playing around with starting a freelance design business on my days off. I had a few things going but nothing serious.

My work on the campaign finished around November 2015 and in January 2016 God kick-started my design business pretty much without me. It just took off with divine intervention. I don’t advertise, I have never chased any business and yet every time the last job finishes, something else comes up and it hasn’t stopped. I keep shaking my head in amazement.

Then in the summer of 2016, God went to work on my job situation. First He brought me victoriously through the ‘Bait of Satan’ (you have to read the book to understand) situation at my previous employer and provided me with an amazing new job out of the blue. I didn’t even apply! It came with a substantial pay raise, better hours, paid lunch, great co-workers, lots of creative opportunity and BENEFITS! (it’s a part-time job!)

And just to top it all off … last summer my sister in law passed along a gift she couldn’t use of almost $1000 of beautiful patio furniture that I love and had always wanted.

Of course, there are lots of smaller blessings and some are private, but I am so blessed!


Business has increased

Shawn Guggenheimer, 2016

Here are some amazing blessings that have happened to me since give life started back in March this year.

We all have our personal amount we’ve committed to giving to the building project. When the campaign was launched, God made known an amount he wanted me to give. Since that time doors have opened up with jobs to take on in my business. God not only has opened up doors in that area but has also allowed there to be a shining light around the workers that have been working with me. Also, God brought this thought to me that whatever I commit in this campaign the money will be multiplied 10 times to what is given. Notice this is ‘by faith’ giving. It’s scriptural to give 10% of your earnings. Faith is evidence of things hoped for without seeing it.





“In God I will praise his word, in God I have put my trust; I will not fear what flesh can do unto me.” Psalm 56:4

Lately, a song has caught my attention; it’s words flow something like this:

“…The giants calling out my name and they laugh at me,  Continue reading


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