God Supplied the Perfect Job

Andrew Clarke As a few of you may know, I have changed the company that I work for. Over the past few months, there were a few complications at my previous job that had been leading up to a change in employment, which was slightly nerve-wracking, especially considering all the time that I need to take off for youth work. I prayed and just asked God to lead me. A short time later I was approached Read more…

Opportunities to Share My Faith

Jazmin Wilson Last semester God did an awesome thing! I had applied for over 100 scholarships in high school and never received any, but in my second semester of university – I received 2 large scholarships to cover my tuition which I had not applied for or even knew existed!! And now God is working on my faith … Since GiveLife kicked off, I have felt my faith rise, more than ever before. Opportunities to Read more…

He Provides

Deanna Lemke The income I earn by teaching piano lessons helps provide many extras that are not in our regular budget. I ended the last teaching year in June with 8 students which wasn’t really enough to sustain ongoing expenses. In September, I began with 19 and by December I had 23! God provides!