Steven Lory

When GiveLife first started, I had a good job that paid well, good benefits and a savings account that was growing nicely. In no more than a few weeks to a month after GiveLife launched, I lost that job. God began talking to my heart asking,

“Do you trust Me?”
“Yes, God, I trust You.”

And God has been nothing but faithful to me. Not a single month has gone by where my bills have not been paid. Yes, things have been tight and sometimes I didn’t know how I was going to pay things.
Meanwhile, through all of this God has lead me to the one who is now my fiancé. God provided the means for me to be able to buy the engagement ring. He blessed me with a ring to propose that was well outside of my means. Right now we have been engaged for 5 days and are planning the wedding. As of right now half of the budget is covered through God’s provision.