A Perfect Fit

Human nature always chooses the most qualified candidate. Isn’t that what a job interview is all about? Starting as soon as little children are old enough to pick teams, the best athletes are chosen first, followed by friends and then the rest.

However God never thinks about things the way we do. In Nehemiah 3:8 we find, “Uzziel son of Harhaiah, one of the goldsmiths, repaired the next section;(of the wall) and Hananiah, one of the perfume-makers, made repairs next to that. They restored Jerusalem as far as the Broad Wall.” (NIV) (more…)


Do Good Unto All

As clearly as we see the treachery of our society in this present moment, the bad in which we are inundated by in every aspect of life, daily we must not faint, and keep our eyes on Jesus for He is in control.  (more…)


Bloom Where You’re Planted

Langley Life Tab ChurchThere is certain soil in a specific garden in which you are meant to be planted. But sometimes we may not like that soil too much. Maybe it is a little too hard, perhaps it seems a little too stoney or it just requires a little too much water. What if this type of soil takes too much work for our roots to go down deep, so instead of persevering in the soil meant for you, you allow yourself to get caught up in the wind and get carried off to a different garden, a garden where the soil feels a little nicer, a little easier on the seed, it seems easier to set your roots down there, after all they don’t have to go as deep anyway.  It doesn’t require as much water, it is not as stony, feels a little softer on the shell and not as muddy. It seems just right.  (more…)


All Things Are Made New

newWe all enjoy new things, who doesn’t? We enjoy keeping up to date with the latest technology and devices. If we don’t have it, we want it! If we are able to do so, we get it. In a matter of months there will be a new and better device.

But what happens in our personal lives?  (more…)


Kindness, A True Story.

Philippians 2:3  “Let nothing be done through strife or vainglory; but in lowliness of mind let each esteem other better than themselves.”

On a recent excursion to return recalled veggies at Costco, I found myself irritated and annoyed. I have begun to think that there is definitely a “customer culture” associated with their membership. I have to admit, that almost every experience I have had with customers in the store and particularly the parking lot, has been unpleasant; and only once was a cashier snippy. I will continue to believe and hope for the best for each future shopping experience there, but not without sharing a handy dandy tip.  (more…)


Inspired Understanding

study learnLet’s throw it back to school. Remember when the teacher was talking about something, and it seemed like everyone else knew what she was talking about, but you sat there looking around scratching your head? You had no idea what the teacher meant, what you had to do, or how to even do it. But you never asked. You didn’t want to seem unintelligent or as if you weren’t paying attention.  (more…)


A Thankful Heart, A Thankful Lifestyle



A few years ago I was going through one of the hardest times of my life. I had been struck with a disease that left me needing to learn once again how to walk, write, and so much more. While for the most part I had a positive attitude and outlook on my rehabilitation, there were times that the guilt and self pity began to set in. Guilt that I wasn’t able to do for my family the things I felt I should. It was Christmas time, my house wasn’t decorated, presents hadn’t been bought, and and this was one of those times, I began to feel crushed by the guilt of not creating a holiday that my family was used to. Self pity began to set in.  (more…)


Truth, What’s it Worth?

truth “Buy the truth and sell it not..” Proverbs 23:23a

A few years back while jogging through the neighbourhood, I came across a gentleman who began talking with me. We talked about his house and land that had a small farm attached to it which he had owned for well over 40 years. An expression of pride and joy beamed across his face as he told me about spending everything he had to get the land and then building the house with his own two hands. As we talked I enjoyed the vigor and passion with which this man spoke of his land, he had such a love for it. He said that there was no price someone could offer him that he would be willing to give up his piece of paradise as he called it. He said that none could match the price that he paid for the land. This struck me as I began to think of the weight of his words. There is a spiritual parallel with this train of thought as we should not be willing to sell this precious truth that we hold so dear.  (more…)


Is it Time for an Oil Change?

heart changeThis object lesson was inspired by a long overdue oil change in my car. Without changing the oil, the engine cannot function properly which can lead to very costly damages.  As I entered a gas station in a little town in the middle of northern BC, this is what I heard:

There are many types of oil in the world, I will highlight two, crude oil (unregenerated, destructive and likened to this world and our sinful past); and refined oil of the Holy Ghost – that’s Jesus in us – regenerated and renewed.  (more…)


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