What is GiveLife?

LifeTab members, or ‘Lifers’ as we like to call ourselves, have a vision to reach the hurting, searching and lonely people of Langley. In order to have room for everyone we believe God is calling us to serve, we need more space.

God has given our pastor the vision and leadership to launch a capital giving campaign that through a miraculous series of events, actually exceeded the campaign goal.

This three-year capital campaign which launched in March of 2016 has allowed us to purchase the property next door to our current church building and start plans for expansion, one step at a time.

What are we believing God for?

HOSPITALITY / WELCOME AREA – for connecting over coffee and cookies after service.
STUDENT CENTRE – a customized space with seating for 100 teens.
CHILDCARE CENTRE – for both toddlers and a private nursing room.
KID’S BREAKOUT ROOMS – graded classrooms for age appropriate learning
SUPER KID’S CHURCH – so kids can learn to worship the Lord as a group
A LARGE PLATFORM – to accommodate our growing choir
WORSHIP CENTRE – to gather together for corporate worship
DEDICATED PRAYER ROOM – with an outside door for 24 / 7 prayer access.
MULTIPURPOSE CENTRE – for special events and community dinners
AMPLE PARKING – parking for up to 100 cars.

These photos are the inspiration for our capital giving campaign, GiveLife. While we realize the end result most likely will not look like this, these photos do give an idea of what we are shooting for.