Marcella Williams

So thankful to our God who is faithful, caring and generous. He goes above and beyond what I can ask, think or comprehend.

I applied for a good job (thank you prayer team, for praying with me every step of the way). God heard the specific prayers and He answered in a big way. I got the job working in the CEO’s office of a large health organization in December. I was their top pick of 80 applicants. The day after I signed my job acceptance letter, I got a call for a surgery date for January 2017 – I had been on a wait-list for 14 months. The executive director said, ‘no problem’. When I took my leave, I qualified for sick leave benefits at 60% of my regular earnings. God knew the surgery date was coming and he allowed me to be hired at this organization.

Then, last Sunday sitting in church, I got a text from our landlord, they gave us a sleigh bed! I set it up this morning. God knows what we need before we do, and he makes a way.This list just goes on!

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